Happy Tap Hindi: Kids Learn Hindi Alphabet – Easy and Fun

Help your kids learn Hindi Alphabet in a fun and easy way with Happy Taps Hindi iOS App!

Learning the ABC of devanagari, letter by letter, will be super simple, fast and entertaining with this educational game, also when your children live outside India.

Living abroad but staying connected to your roots, by passing on your culture and teaching your language to your next generation is very important, but can also be a challenge.

This app will help you in this task, by using different mnemonic strategies, especially implemented to facilitate the learning process during the early stage.

Children will recognize, identify and memorize the alphabet, through a matching interactive game. A clear sound and the association of different shapes to different colours facilitate to learn pronunciation and script.

The simple and colourful images will grab the attention of your child and the subdivision in different sequences will help gradually develop reading and listening skills.

Parents and teachers can successfully accomplish the important goal of teaching their children and improving their education with the support of this app, ensuring the best approach while saving time.

  • Simple educational interactive game with a friendly interface and a clear pronunciations.
  • Facilitate the education of indian pupils even if they are outside India.
  • A combination of audio and visual will help develop auditory, visual and fine motor skills.
  • Structured with 13 chapters to progress and enhance language skills.
  • Suitable for children from 1 to 5 years old.

Teach your kid while amusing him/her – Download the App Now.

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